1.  All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from date of the quotation.
  2.  All quotes are subjected to the availability of goods and / or services. Price is subjected to change due to: Currency fluctuations, variations in government induced duties and taxes and/or statutory labour charges.
  3. The price includes VAT charge at 14% rate.
  4. All prices include labour cost
  5. All prices quoted above include any structure with roof and pine floors, painting, plumbing, electricity, light fittings and wardrobes, unless otherwise specified.
  6. All prices quoted above exclude any cost incurred to erect the goods on a slope of more than 700 mm or more.
  7. Delivery will take place 1 week or less from date of deposit, as specified in paragraph 9.(Client will be notified of any delays, to be updated at all times to avoid any inconveniences).
  8. Our log houses carries a 10 year guarantee and this applies only on the condition that the house is painted with Silkwood or a product with equivalent properties within 1 week after erection, and thereafter on an annual basis. The roof of the house carry the same guarantee under the same condition as the house provided the roof is painted as specified with Polo-roof or Nu-roof. Warranties exclude environmentally
    induced failures, user error or miss use
  9. Payment (only cash via EFT will be accepted) will be required as follows:
    -70% with signing of contract
    -20% with delivery of material on premises
    -10% final payment on final inspection.
  10. Ownership shall pass to the customer on receipt of full payment by Pine River Log Homes, after which all keys to the unit will be handed to the customer.
  11. All Risk regarding units to be erected on site, shall pass to the customer upon initial delivery of materials on site. Security of site is client responsibility.
  12. Risk regarding pre-erected units shall pass to the customer upon delivery there off on site.
  13. It is the client`s responsibility to provide accommodation onsite for the staff of Pine River Trading, which has water and toilet facilities
  14. It is the obligation of the customer to submit all building plans to the local authority, and to obtain the necessary approval from them. Plan submitting and engineering fees not included in the quotation.
    Normally log cabins are regarded as temporary structures (though we built them to last) and their plans do not need approval locally, However its customer’s responsibility to confirm this with relevant authorities.
  15. Provide concrete & sand (for gum poles installation), electricity and water needed for site works. A generator can be supplied by Pine Log Homes for an additional R165.00 per day, including petrol.